Guinot relaxation massage

Relaxation, hydration and toning with Guinot oils! - 50 min.

Relaxation massage releases you from stress and muscle tension, thus soothing body pain. The massage done with a special Guinot oil hydrates, nurtures, regenerates and tones the skin, working as a full wellness therapy!


Guinot anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite reduction and slimming, with professional oils - 50 min.

So you want to slim fast and work on reducing cellulite? Our Guinot oil, with special antioxidant ingredients, helps eliminate cellulite, stimulates fat burn and reshapes problem-areas, greatly improving the results of the anti-cellulite massage.


Relaxation massage

Relaxation, tension relief and invigoration - 50 min.

Are you constantly feeling tired and tense? You need to loosen up and relax! During one massage session, every muscle of your body feels released from tension, as the aromatic oils also helps at hydrating the skin and inducing a general state of good.


Anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite smoothing and fat reduction - 50 min.

The anti-cellulite massage completes any weight loss and body shaping plan. Through the circular moves which accelerate blood and lymphatic circulation, under the action of anti-cellulite oil, fat burns increase and the cellulite layer is diminished.