Our opening event

News - 01.01.2015 inaugurare-effect-center-arad-centru-remodelare-receptie

In the 28th of April, a special event took place – the official opening of Effect Center! We are very pleased that we have succeeded to build a modern body shaping center, by sticking to the highest quality standards in the beauty domain and offering everyone who comes here the possibility of taking care of their physical beauty in a highly efficient and relaxing manner. We cannot complain as regards the substantial amount of work we’ve invested in order to make our idea and dream come true, because we are well aware of how all valuable things need patience and effort in order to be obtained.

Let us return, still, to today’s subject, which is our beauty center – Effect Center. We have done our best to find the best beauty brands, which offer a remarkable experience and solutions to every type of beauty problem one can be faced with, in time. We trust the performance of the procedures we offer here, at our center, specifically as we have tested and studied them thoroughly.

We also formed a team of well-trained beauty therapists, passioned of their work, who share our vision regarding body beauty and health. Thus, we made sure that the treatments run smoothly!


Furthermore, the setting in which the “magic” happens was not left aside, quite on the contrary: we have set up a modern, intimate and relaxing interior, so that each of your visit can be as pleasurable as possible – you do need to feel good, while the treatments are casting their effects.

Before we get to presenting you with more extensive details on the beauty technologies you can find here, at Effect Center, shall we say a big “thank you” to everyone who has supported us – including friends, collaborators and future clients, who have all shaped the best of our plans and ambitions.