Body analysis by Tanita


In order for you to get acquainted with your body’s state of health and wellness, and also to be able to choose the right treatment, you must first undergo a specialized assessment.

For this essential step, we offer you the special body analysis technology by Tanita, which allows you to find important indexes of your health, such as: the percentage of body fat, the body mass index (BMI), muscular mass versus bone mass, hydrical analysis. This evaluation will help you define your body shaping objectives, by opting for a customised body treatment, suited to your own body and beauty needs.

The full price of a single Tanita body analysis is of 45 RON – stay in touch with our monthly promotions for further changes.

If you want to try a facial treatment, we will assess your facial characteristics by specific means of facial evaluation, which allow us to find every relevant detail for your type of skin.