Body treatments for men – now at Effect Center

Beauty treatments - 16.01.2015 Tratamente corporale pentru barbati effect center centrul effect arad

A healthy, athletic body cannot be kept in shape without efforts – physical training must be a daily habit, while your diet needs to be as balanced as possible. Yet, and here comes a problem that is familiar to most of us, lack of time and various health problems make it hard to follow a constant physical programme.

Although men seldom confront problems such as cellulite, ageing and stress still get to burden them with extra weight in various body parts and affect the skin’s health.

You mustn’t get to the point in which you would like to travel in time and get back your body you were once proud of. There are simple solutions, that will surprise you through their results. Haven’t you tried them yet? Dare to! You cannot give up on your physical well-being.

LPG body treatments

Although the LPG technology might not strike a bell for you, you need to know that the mechanical stimulation of the skin, through the machine conceived and patented by LPG, is among the newest and most efficient methods of dealing with weight and skin issues. We can say this wholeheartedly: we have seen their effects, so it is the efficiency of LPG we trust.

What can LPG offer you? Procedures that treat various problems: from fat excess, to water retentios or skin flabiness. You needn’t be a female in order to notice the changes your body signals. Act in time and you will enjoy great results!

Biostimulation, ultrasound and bioenergy gloves

tratamente-corporale-pentru-barbati-articol-effect-center-arad-tratament-biostimulare-centrul-effect-aradIf body shaping procedures weren’t our specialisation, then we surely wouldn’t bear in mind very specific technical details as regards every machine we have at our beauty center. This is why we will tell you the essential details: biostimulation is a worldwide unique treatment, patented by Ultratone Futura, and has the great benefit of stimulating your muscles exaclty like training does. The fundamental difference between sports and biostimulation is that the latter is much more intense and targeted on desired areas (even those resistant to sports), and leaves much more visible effects, after a few sessions. The treatments based on ultrasound or bioenergy gloves also stimulate tissues, improving lymphatic circulation, skin quality and accelerating fat burn.

Further Ultratone advantages? Let’s not forget about the uniqueness of each treatment: we will set up the machine according to your needs and preferences, using fully personalized parameters!

Body wraps

tratamente-corporale-pentru-barbati-effect-center-arad-impachetari-calde-termocuverta-centrul-effect-aradIt can come as a surprise to you – but many of our clients choose body wraps either to lose weight, or to keep their skin hydrated, soft and without imperfections. You can choose hot body wraps (with Parafango or Thalassalgo), in sessions 45 or 90 minutes long, depending on the areas you wish to treat, or cold wraps (Cryoslim).

The results of body wraps are obvious just after a few sessions: weight loss, drainage, cellulite smoothing, detox, hydration.

The benefits of Effect Center

If you’re thinking whether you should pay us a visit or not, we can tell you something more: we are among the very few beauty centers in Romania that feature facilities for both women AND MEN! This means much more than a separate dressing room – at Effect Center, the treatments, products and promotional offers are especially conceived for you!

We await you, thus, at Effect Center – to keep your body in the best possible shape!