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Excellence in health & beauty

We have chosen reputed partners, with the most efficient beauty & body shaping technologies!

Effect Center features the technology and products of a few of the most appreciated beauty brands!
For over 4 decades, Guinot has been synonym for the most innovative facial beauty techniques. The French brand, which offers a very wide range of product for facial & body beauty care, is present in over 70 countries widewide.
LPG Systems are famous for their latest technology that makes their professional salon equipments indispensable for a beauty center that cares for its customers. With the latest model that we own, LPG Cellum M6 Integral, our facial and body therapies unfold perfectly and guarantee the desired results!
Ultratone is the pioneer of electrotherapy applied in medical and aesthetic treatments. For over 4 decades, the British producer has been building complex and highly efficient equipments for beauty salons around the world. Our Ultratone Futura Pro machine allows us to give you a personalised beauty experience, focused on your desired treatment areas and results!
Adena is also among the revolutionary brands in the beauty sector, having created an extremely efficient IPL permanent hair removal system, suitable for all types of hair. 60.000 equally intense flashlights assure you of the best quality of each Adena IPL session, regardless of the machine’s usage degree!
For the past 20 years, Sunjunkie has been known to be the expert brand in sunless tanning – procedure that results in a perfectly healthy and risk-free tan, at any time of the year!
Tanita, brand as old as 1923, is a leader on the market of physical health monitoring systems. The performance of Tanita diagnosis systems allows us to choose the adequate treatments in every case.